Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 8 Feb 2005

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Present: Andrew, Caroline, Dave, Don, Jade, Jeff, Joel
  1. FLOSS Usability Conference. Joel is going as an "official" representative of OpenACS.
  2. We discussed the roadmap. Two major areas that we know we need to work on are the installation process, and marketing.
    • Installation. We need volunteers to maintain distribution-specific packages. Derek Carter agreed to maintain the rpm/yum package. There may be gentoo and debian packages available, and we need to identify maintainers for those. Maintainers should agree to at least a 1-year commitment. Maintainers must document their methodology; Joel will add this to standard docs.
    • Marketing. We discussed in general. Joel concluded that we need to know:
      1. what are our potential markets? developers? IT decision makers? end users?
      2. how much attention are we getting in each market?
      3. which markets should we try to get more attention in?
      4. What is the best way to get more attention in those markets?