Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Are there any OpenACS User Goups? How about the Bay Area?

"Dr." Kurup,

While I appreciate the recommendation you gave to the nice men in white uniforms who carry the butterfly nets to come and play with me, I am somewhat perturbed that it was not you who chose to personally visit. Dr. Lecter and I enjoyed the meal these two fellows provided, but we did so wish that you could have joined us as well.

Please be forewarned, sir, next time there is an OACS social and the lampshade is once again is atop your head and your Superman Underoos are again around your ankles, I will be ready with my Canon e9600wx with 75 mm Nikon lens, dual TTL Kodak 320 Lightning flashes and Fuji 400 film. And believe you me, "Dr." Kurup, that picture will be posted on the InterWeb before you can say, "Nurse, I need another spong bath!"