Forum OpenACS Q&A: In Trouble trying to change something in the bug tracker

I'm trouble trying to change something in the bug tracker.

What I need to do is to display in the index page of the bug tracker the bugs in which I'm involved.

How it works now is that there appear all the bugs, when I log in, I just wanna see the bugs that I have to resolve and the ones I submitted.

I already look the bug-procs.tcl, but I don't find where is the query that displays the right table (the table with the bugs).

If someone could help me, please!


The query is called 'bugs' in file bug-procs-postgresql.xql

It gets modified by variables in the 'template calling environment' (I think that's what its called).

Hey, Nagita, e-mail me will you (I lost your e-mail address again, sorry).
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Within one day, two people independently asked for emails or provided them, for individual contact. Just as a reminder, the email is stored and accessible to registered members of the system. If you are able to post here, you can retrieve the email of your intended recipient by clicking twice on the persons name in the forum posting.
Hi Elsy, the filter to only see the bugs that you are assigned to on openacs is called action_19 and the ones you have to close is called action_20, therefore it has something to do with workflow. Hope this helps at least a little bit in finding out what you need to do.
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Um, obviously Don B., of all people, knows how OpenACS stores emails. So, either Don left himself logged into a computer and that was really someone else posting, not Don, or Nagita has a second private email not available on, and Don was asking for it.