Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: RFC: automated installer (solving the multiple openacs instances problem)

I've been playing with a multitude of different solutions to the installation in multiple places problem and found one easy solution that would translate easily to an rpm package.

first create all the rpms for the supporting software. (tcl, tdom, nsd-*, aolserver) these packages would all have the appropiate dependancies with each other.

then create the openacs rpm package (again with the appropiate dependancies) This package will not create an installed instance of openacs but create what unix sys-admins refer to as a skeleton directory as well as supplying a bunch of installation-generation scripts.

these scripts would then be used to run the useradd command (or equiv) to create the openacs user, database, directory structure.

the admin would then modify the site specific .conf file and WHamm0! they have openacs installed.

to the admin this could be made extremely easy if we made all the packages avalible from a yum or apt4rpm repo.

this would be the overall view from the admin's perspective:

apt-get install openacs

this downloads all the dependancies, and installs them

acsinit testinstall
vi /srv/openacs/testinstall/etc/config.tcl
svc -u testinstall

where acsinit is the propigation script and it sets up the directory structure into /srv/openacs/<username>

any thoughts to this method?