Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 4 on Mac OS X (and Darwin) HOWTO now available

about running OpenACS on 10.1 - it's doable, but i'd leave it out of the HOWTO untill (at least) postgress has been updated...

The HOWTO is still basically right, but the things I'd look at updating are -

  • I used the most current versions of zlib, readline and libiconv from their primary distribution sites. Did you link to the copies at for any particular reason? The only patching required to get them built was to do with the whole two-level namespace thing. More on that later...
  • I used postgresql 7.1.3 - this (postgres, not the version in particular) is where the main problem lies. Apart from linking / namespace problems, the distribution version of postgres is broken under 10.1 due to problems with the OSX SysV IPC implementation. There are patches floating round the 'net that let postgres run on POSIX IPC, but I'd wait for 7.1.4 which should (hopefully) have these patches rolled in. (for the interested, the patches are available here).
  • I used the 2.0.1 pgdriver. Perhaps we should try to get the new Makefile rolled into the OpenACS pgdriver distro - it should work for all architectures, as it just brings the pgdriver into the main AOLServer build environment in the same way as all the other modules we use. Who would be the right person to talk to about this?

The two-level namespace linking problems affect anything that uses shared libraries under 10.1. They're trivial to work around (force the linker to use the old single-level namespace with the -flat_namespace flag), and I'll roll a patch to do that for all of the packages used here once the postgres problems are fixed. Ideally the fixes will make it into the upstream packages sometime soon.

If anyone is interested and lacks the time / inclination to build it themselves, I'll pack a binary tarball of postgress and AOLServer for 10.1.