Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Site Map UI Issues

Posted by Roger Williams on
I am all for not precluding future capability. I think somewhere in the ACS boards, I saw some discussions about mounting GC (for instance) under an application.

But in this case, I posted the other thread out here about this, because one of my guys did this, and could not figure out its meaning. In the dated UI book called About Face, the guy who wrote the original VB (and sold it to M$oft) talks about programmer-type interfaces with all options possible. This is what I refer to when I talk about smart defaulting.

A goal that I think can be realized using this system is to de-skill the admin task so I could give a non-programmer the control of their own sub-site and I would not have to include in my training don't use this button in this case, it doesn't make sense.

In my other server (where I put my original experiences with these applications) I guessed (and now I think it might be true) that several of these problems can be exposed differently to achieve this goal since I have gained a lot of confidence in the strength of the underlying design, and its authors, I might add!