Forum OpenACS Development: ETP and applications under application nodes

Posted by Roger Williams on
I have not used ETP (yet), but I did hack a version of news that we use for other functions (i.e. classifieds). To get multiple types of classified ads, I just put a type field (adType) in the parameters, and the admin just creates a Subsite (e.g. EbayLite), then mount as many instances as desired under this (e.g. Boats, Jobs, Birl seeks Goy). This subsite can also be mounted other subsites with no problem.

So my question is, are these sub-topics relly applications?  I think so-called "real" applications do this by pkg-id (pls correct me if this is wrong).

BTW, *after* I got this working it occurred to me how CMS (and by reference ETP) could be used to make lots of "applications" of this type.