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Posted by Walter McGinnis on

Haha. Pretty funny.

As the original Glossary author, I'll pass the "stupid design" buck onto the ACS 4 designers...

At the time that I created the Glossary Package, I was under the impression that context_id was worth a damn. I thought that by setting the context_id of any object under a package to its package instance I would actually inherit the security hierarchy of privileges from the parent object and that there would be logical hierarchy. In fact this is exactly how the original permissions designers explained it to me. In other words, I envisioned privilege inheritance something like this:

Site Wide Admin has admin privilige on Main Site

  • Main Site
    • Glossary Package Instance (with default permissions set)
      • glossary objects with context_id pointing at package instance

Too bad the f&*%ers were lying to me!

This hierarchy is fundamentally broken. Instead of setting the context_id of the package instance to that of the main site (or any subsite it falls under), IIRC the context_id of a new package instance is null and the intuitive security hierarchy is gone.

Permissions are "magically" set to some defaults rather than inherited. In other words kludged. I believe that you should only have to set site wide admin priviliges at the top most of the subsite hierarchy (i.e. main site) have everything below it inherit it, unless explicity reset on a per node basis.

Believe me, I spent plenty of time mulling over the permissions problem. The fact is that a Glossary Package instance can have multiple glossary objects. Therefore you may want to have individuals that only have glossary_admin privilege on a sub-set of glossary objects, but not admin privilege on the entire package instance.

Got it?

That being said there are some fundamental unsolved problems in the Glossary Package's design because acs-subsites has never lived up to its promises. I prefer the term "naive" to "stupid".