Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Permissions UI Issues

Posted by Roger Williams on

As a word guy, I want to thank you for the correction. I am usually the one trying to get people to not use pronouns when talking about code. That way, stupid code does not mean a stupid author. As I said somewhere else, I think that design of the ACS system is very good in all areas (I don't think PGreenspun hired any stupid people!). Obviously, I am looking at a stable system and was not privy to the iterations it undoubetdly went thru.

WRT context_id, I have been pondering, checking and posting on this issue as well. I almost know enough to make some recommendations in the context of the operation of permissions. When I get to this point I hope you will chime in with observations about my "naivete" (i.e. point taken).I already sent you a note about a problem I ran into with Glossary.