Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Site Map UI Issues

Posted by Talli Somekh on
Oops... hee hee. That link to the Musea bboards was never meant to be for public consumption. But the UI for hiding the bboards is so damn crappy I couldn't figure it out. Nice to know that people are scouring our site, though :)

The post, though, was a discussion that Michael Feldstein and I were having. We actually discussed precisely these issues about a month ago. Michael thought that the Site Map UI was the most critical thing and I thought it was the permissioning and user admin UI that needed to be fixed. He suggested we come up with use cases for both problems and he would concentrate on the Site map and i would do the user admin stufff. Alas, I think we both got busy and it's been on the back burner.

The short of it, though, is that IMO the admin UI is damn near unusable. Roger, I agree with 100% about these issues. We met at the SF OACS social, right? I believe that we spoke and I said that this is the stuff we were going to focus on because it's pretty much impossible to pass off a system to non-techies in the shape it's in right now.

So I'm down for tackling this prob too!