Forum OpenACS Development: Re: rel_types::new creates bad autogenerated package

Posted by Anny Flores on

I'm working with Miguel, we made a checkout from oacs-5-1 and we add the patch that Timo did for content::revision::new, we don't get the LOB error any more but we can't create a new revision. What I did is:

1. I replaced the if statement

if {[exists_and_not_null attributes] } {


with the one in Timo's patch

2. I add to content-revision-procs-oracle.xql :

update $lob_table
set $lob_attribute = empty_clob()
where $lob_id_column = :revision_id
returning $lob_attribute into :1

also from Timo's patch

And when I try to make a new revision for an item, it doesn't work, the revision is not in the table cr_revisions.

I'll appreciate if someone tells me what am I doing wrong?


Anny Flores