Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Site Map UI Issues

Posted by Don Baccus on
In this thread I find myself agreeing with Stephen.  As it happens dotLRN will do much as Stephen describes for his hypothetical intranet package (i.e. each class instance will mount a bunch-o-stuff).  As it happens OF is creating each class as a subsite instance as well, but that's because subsite offers some other functionality beyond that mentioned by stephen - user management including UI to allow one to join, and some control over who can do so.  "class administrators" can be "subsite administrators" in this scenario, and they are not by any means highly trusted nor people who ought to be (professors in a business school!)  One can trust them but one can't trust their skills, that is.
<p>The portal they're shown will not give them the option to mount packages willy-nilly, or (worse) dismount them, but will be tailored to the specific administration taaks they're allowed to have.
<p>So this approach is a bit of a hybrid one, i.e. making use of subsite's user management semantics but limiting the ways in which a professor can screw up his class site.
<p>At least last time I talked to Ben that was the plan...