Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Site Map UI Issues

Posted by Roger Williams on
Hey Don:

I have no knowledge of dotLRN or any idea of what OF is, but I can understand (I think).

I thought of Stephen's characterization as akin to having a GeoCities id. I do not know whether they provide any applications to put in your "site", but certainly you are not "trusted" by them. In fact, most of those sites are evidently untrusted.

I know that was an original dream of ACS 4.x, but I did not think that it had the infrastructure to support a "sandbox" concept that I guess that GeoCities and sites like it have.

I was/am looking for the more modest goal of just allowing someone who my organization can trust be able to navigate this thing with having to know any hierarchies (or even what a hierarchy is). If that can be accomplished by other means or screens (sorry!), I am all for it. I definitely do not want to cut out underlying function, just expose what is meaningful to the intended audience.

In the other thread, you refer to CMS as a bad design. I have purposely stayed away from it for the very reasons you list (i.e. own login, own skin). It seemed completely unintegrated. I could guess that there is significant function buried inside, but these other areas (i.e. permissions, seemed integrated underneath. I am just trying to get them integrated and with a meaningful interface on the outside also. My study of all of the doc makes me think that this is achieveable.