Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open Source sales doc

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Care to provide any examples to backup this statement? Do you have any proof that existing open-source project fit 90% of requirements for a typical in-house project or did you just invent it to support your argument about the superiority of open-source? Do you have a single example of such thing happening? If yes, why it's not in the document?

I can provide several. My latest was when I was building my MP3 Jukebox. Instead of writing all the software, I just wrote a module for IRMP3, and used that with LcdProc and mpg123. Another example which should hit you in the face is OpenACS. But you're missing the point probably because of your bias.

Linux is much worse in the upgrade scenario than Windows. Every major kernel release requires re-writing and updating user-mode utilities. Upgrading a compiler or C library is stricly for risk takers who want to bleed on the leading edge. Binary compatibility virtually doesn't exist even within one distro (due e.g. to change of the executable format, at least one binary API-breaking change to libc) and you can't even dream about cross-distro compatibility in Linux. +1 for Windows in this case.

You like to exaggerate. I've upgraded from 2.0 to 2.2 to 2.4 and didn't need to recompile my applications.

Not true. If a user has a problem with a GUI app help desk person won't help much. Remote Assistance in Win XP is much better in such scenarios. +1 for Windows.

A help desk person won't help much in either case. I don't see why this is a +1 for windows since it's just as available with GUI applications on free operating systems. In fact, using VNC I could help someone in different platforms.