Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Open Source sales doc

Posted by good bye on
I'll have to agree with Yon in that the document in question is not very well written, even as a propaganda piece. He's pointed out a number of problem areas that I agree with.

Instead of arguing whether or not Open Source is "better" than proprietary (which always seems to mean "microsoft products") it might be more useful to use this thread to open a discussion about how a company that focuses upon providing "solutions" based on open source software can thrive. Thinking about this is especially important now that the economy has taken a dump and most existing businesses do not want to spend money on closed source OR open source IT projects.

I think the best approach to take is to be SPECIFIC rather than general. Use actual examples where open source has saved money (and time). Use actual dollar amounts. Use quotes from impressed clients.

The Vorteon website actually seems to be pretty good in terms of explaining what Vorteon can do. I think the editorial piece detracts from the rest of the site. You are probably better off writing stuff like "Vorteon did X for client Y, they loved if you need to do something similar to X, let us know."

And, not to be a total dink, but... this is the OPENACS forum, and its a GOOD THING that most of the time the discussion is focused on OpenACS. I would hate to see it devolve into yet another general bboard about us vs. microsoft or whatever.