Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to This is a little off topic, its a nstcl question

First let me thank you for your work and letting me use it for free.  And please post an announcement for the new version, I am looking foward to it.

I am using it for simple stuff mostly.  I am working on another db, ok table, that will do more of the same, it is going to look like this:

mac address, device ip , router index(fk), first seen, last seen

nothing deep, but the kicker is there will be around 1,000,000+ rows to start with and it will be growing.  The main use for it is decision support about how ip space is being used and device reporting, how many of what type of cablemodems we have in an area.
And other stuff as needed.  I am trying to move the reports I generate into openacs and set up a management reporting site down the road.  Just so you know your code is being used in production here.

I do not realy have an oppinion about what else I would like to have from aolserver, I just have not played with it enough.  I can get it configured and almost understand what I am doing and some simple adp pages and that is about it.

for anybody who is interested the combo of postgres + scotty3 + nstcl is very nice for collecting and storing network information in a db and reporting on it.  The network functions and datatypes realy make your life easy for reporting.  I am aware of ns_snmp and it is nice but it depends on snmp++ and that does not compile/is not supported on freebsd.


PS you need any beta testers for 0.7?  I could realy use db_resultrows to make my life easy.