Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 22 Feb 2005

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#1 Report on Floss conference.

Joel said there were two openacs-related activities at the flossusability sprint. One was admin UI usability testing: The other was a plan to work with other projects to mutually design and individually implement a UI for "email blaster/bulk email/spam".

#2 Joel will roll out 5.1.5 this week. We discussed ways to streamline the release process, as some of the scripts can take a very long time to run, such as the catalog import/export.

#3 Binary installers. Jade agree to put up a status page.

#4 Marketing. The OCT doesn't have the mandate for marketing, and is focused on technical excellence. So we're asking the community to form a marketing team. Malte will post a thread on this.