Forum OpenACS Development: Performance and background delivery

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi everybody,

I'm bringing back this topic because one of the most discussed things was the background delivery. I'm running some tests and the results are really impressive. The waiting time is dramatically reduced as we have the control thread responsible for the downloads.

I've written a patch based based on oacs-5-3 that puts the background delivery in some more places. I've put it in the bugtracker and you can see it here:

However, there's still something missing. When I look at the request-monitor running requests page, I can see a lot of files that are being downloaded for hours wich are still there. It seems like the channel isn't closed if the user doesn't finish the download in the usual way.

Perharps we should have some kind of scheduled procedure to close this kind of channel, or some tool to check if it isn't used anymore, but I don't have a clue on how to do it. Can somebody point me a direction on that?