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20: Response to Schedule (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Yes and no ...

The Oracle port of Edit This Page was not complete, I intend to
complete it before building an alpha2 because I feel it is
*extremely* important that we have this package available for Oracle
in our first release.  And that it receive a decent amount of

Neophytos and David Bauer are working on integrating the latest
version of acs-workflow (we started with an earlier version) so it,
too can make it into the alpha2 tarball.  They have told me they'll
have it done by Monday.

Those are the two outstanding items holding things up.  Last week I
spent a lot of time getting wimpy point to work (the original Oracle
version had a some - uh, significant - problems as did the PG port
that copied them).  There's still a lot needed on wimpy point but
I'm not going to hold things up for them.  Other people have also
been chasing and fixing significant bugs.

As soon as I get this tarball out I plan to make a list of things
that I feel need doing before we release a beta.  It's not a long
list and I'll post it for public comment to see if there's general

Having a fixed task list should make it easier to hold firm to a
schedule for the beta release.

This beta will lead quickly (one to two weeks) to a release as we'll
ask to freeze feature additions/package improvements and *only* fix
important bugs between beta and release.

I know folks are impatient, but emotionally I'm only capable of
accepting a certain amount of brokeness even in a release I label
"alpha" ...