Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Encouraging students to take on .LRN development

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Well, I'm not sure when they're next going to offer the class, but MIT certainly still lists 6.171 (formerly 6.916) in their course catalog. And in addition to Philip's materials there's also stuff in OCW. Various other universities have also offered the same course at various times, and Eve and her colleagues is presumably teaching very similar material (plus more) at Northface University

So I think what this boils down to is:

  • Get more universities to adopt a 6.171 or similar curriculum, regardless of whether it is OpenACS centric or not.
  • Encourage both the professors teaching those courses and the students taking it, to be aware of and use OpenACS.
  • Also leverage all those folks to make OpenACS better, e.g. via class projects.

Various folks at various schools have made related efforts before, but AFAIK there is currently no particular (or at least no visible) on-going OpenACS wide effort to encourage and support universities teaching this stuff. More of that would definitely be a Good Thing.

The universities already running dotLRN are certainly an obvious first step! Which of them already offer a course similar to MIT's 6.171, and which don't?