Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Help! no SSH Telnet Access

Posted by Louis Gabriel on
Sean, (and anyone who likes the BSDs and/or secrity focused Linux distros)

Not to start an OS jihad, but I am interested in your opinion.  If you were to pick a flavor of BSD for an OpenACS/PG server with security uppermost in mind, which one would you pick?  Same question for the Linux distro; which one would you pick and why?  Thank you for sharing.

I would appreciate the opinions of others here also.  Assume a "blank slate" for your choice of OS(S); Heck Trusted Solaris or any other *nix is fair game, too.

Note to all:  While some may object to this question due to some going off an an OS Jihad, I do think it's both central and crucial to enabling more use of the internet by various organizations.  Security concerns are a big worry to lots of folks who would otherwise use the net more for business/organizational use.

Moreover, if useage of the net evolves into lots of interconnected non-pc devices all communicating with each other and conducting important and/or finacial transactions -- like your fridge ordering what you're out of or your pacemaker being "fine tuned" remotely for health's sake -- security has got to be "whipped" as an issue or progress will stall big time.

Again, thanks for sharing.

BTW,  hope all is going great for you,