Forum OpenACS Q&A: How would Google index this "embedded" info?

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Once one has inserted dynamic information from an OpenACS server into a static page from a different server, does anyone know how Google handles this composite page when it trolls through?

In particular, if what the OpenACS server injects into the page is links to various other sites, would Google count those links as coming from the static page site or from the OpenACS site when calculating its notion of "page relevance"?

What I'm noodling with here is a concept of a centrally-managed DB-stored set of links that allied organizations who run simple static sites could incorporate into their pages in order to provide Google with a mutually-pointing, interconnecting set of links to push up their Google "scores".

Think this would work? Seems to me that this is could be a simple but nifty little web service for networks of organizations.