Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Continuations for web programming?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Yeah I caught myself above, we probably cross-posted ...

Continuations do nothing to solve the problem of storing of state. It simply makes the storing of state implicit through the use of language constructs which invoke state-saving and control-flow mechanisms in a way that let you program in a more natural style.

You could, for instance, use our existing session storage and other centralized state-management procedures as the base for implementing continuation semantics in some sort of Tcl+ extension designed to run in our environment.

So that brings me back to my statement above: are web GUIs, at least for the kind of sites you write today and expect to write in the future, complex enough to worry about?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
(Yes on the cross-posting.)

Some (most?) of the people espousing web continuations definitely seem to be trying to do richer more GUI-like web UI, or trying to make the same code work identically both on the web and on the desktop. So that does seem to line up with Don's, "probably a bigger win for desktop GUI apps" thesis.

On the "are the web GUIs your write complex enough to worry about" question, well, I personally have been spending only small percentages of my programming time on web work of any sort (much less complicated web UIs) for a few years now, so I'm clearly the wrong person to answer that question. But I'm definitely interested in what others think about it, as in Don's posts above. :)