Forum OpenACS Development: Select widget with "optgroup" for template form

Hi all,

Has someone already dealed with a grouped select like this using template form?

<select name="division" >
      <optgroup selected label="Marketing">
        <option value="gr">Greg</option>
        <option value="sa">Sarah</option>
  <optgroup label="Sales"
        <option value="we">Wendy</option>
        <option value="ma">Martin</option>
        <option value="to">Tom</option>
        <option value="su">Sue</option>
        <option value="an">Angela</option>
        <option value="ri">Richard</option>
  <optgroup label="Support">
        <option value="vi">Vince</option>
        <option value="to">Tony</option>
        <option value="al">Alison</option>
        <option value="em">Emma</option>
        <option value="bo">Bob</option>
        <option value="da">Dave</option>

Basically is the same as acs-categories provide but it only has one level and the titles of each group are not selectionable.

There are some plans about including this widget in openACS?
The only place where I've found some information is in
where you can find a link to


juanjo \o.o/