Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Will Dr. OpenACS survive? Or why I stopped worrying and learned to love the .LRN consortium?

Please allow me to add a thought to the discussion here:

OpenACS has its roots in a university and grew due to market demands. Now the market shifted from the technology perspective to LAMP, J2EE but OpenACS cannot simply do the same. Now from what I see an active and lively community demonstrate this ability by growth either by the number of active developers in total or by the number of freshmen it attracts to fill the shoes of those who left. Which product of OpenACS can serve best to fullfill this task?

I believe it is .LRN. No other product have we at present that can reach so many young students and even professors who could all become devoted active community members and improve this toolkit. So basically OpenACS has now the great chance to be brought back to where it came from: the university.