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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
The reasons for AOLserver, Postgres et al not being part of an OpenACS checkout: It won't work, as you need to compile them (and they need to be there *before* you can access the apm).

But I agree, our track record for external software inclusion is not very encouraging, so maybe we should add this to the installer and the installation instructions.

Is there a way for the APM to not display packages for installation that have a TCL package require dependency ?

Talking about HTMLarea, I don't suppose we can retrieve this from a different place with the installer?

One more thing to note though. Everyone would have to keep their installations up to date on all the seperate packages and until we have the installers working, the installation would get even more complex.

This is in contrast to one person updating the ACS package and everyone just making an upgrade from repository or CVS, which is something you normally do on a regular basis anyway.

This said, I'd commit myself to update a TCLlib package every time a new release of TCLlib is available.