Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Some thoughts and question

Posted by Bruce Spear on

Sorry for waxing poetic. What I'd like to see is an "unpack" function for zip files composed of websites such as one might make with Dreamweaver. This method may not be as sophisticated in data terms as Lors, but for those having built simpler flatfile sites and just starting to use an lms, being able to "unpack" an existing site in the middle of Dotlrn, I am thinking, this feature would be a plus. The advantage of Dreamweaver for authoring, as I understand it, is the site maintenance features, including automatic link checking -- something my clients are very interested in as they are making course websites including texts and links. The rest, as they say, was fill. B

Posted by Luis de la Fuente on
Hello all,

As long as I have understood in your post, you would like to upload a simple collection of HTML files packaged into a "zip" one, and deploy the whole site into dotLRN. Well, I think this doesn't means any improvement for the platform.

My reasons are the following:

- An SCORM package is just a zip file containing all the html files and the manifest, written in XML. Tools like Reload allow you to create this manifest easily, and the package can be deployed into LORS as a simple web-site.

- So, this feature (your proposal) is covered by the platform, so if another module is developed for unzipping web-sites it would be redundant features.

- SCORM includes a lot of features very usefull in education, much better than a simple plain web-site, so i'm sure that the effort done for creating the manifest is not too much.

I apologize for my English, i hope my ideas are clear despite my lacks on writing.