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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I see no reason whatsoever to make Tcllib an OpenACS package, and most certainly no reason to de-facto fork it by importing it into OpenACS CVS. Now that OpenACS is on AOLserver 4.x (rather than 3.x), if you want to use Tcllib with OpenACS, only three things are required:

  1. Install stock Tcllib, just like you install stock Tcl.
  2. "package require tcllib"
  3. As Jon G. brings up, understand what parts of Tcllib make not-true-under-AOLserver assumptions about the Tcl runtime environment, and avoid all use of those parts. (Probably add some sort of hook for AOLserver which disables those parts of Tcllib.)

If the last item above is too problematic, that is probably best solved either by adding additional support to AOLserver, or by tweaking the official version of Tcllib - not by forking the Tcllib code. As far as the additional AOLserver support, there has been some interesting discussion about exactly that on the AOLserver list recently, e.g., cheap cloning of Tcl interps.