Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: OpenACS Permissions System - Performance Improvement Work

Jeff, looks like you have fixed this the right way now, pushing the tables down to per-post was exactly what was need, outstanding!

In fact, if anything, this combination of fixes now looks even better than the old pre-upgrade Forums behavior, which you can see by looking at the problematic poorly-formatted 12th post above - not only does it no longer screw up the display of the rest of the thread, but at least in Mozilla-derived browsers, it itself is now much more readable. (In IE 6.0.x, the text at the top of the 12th post is still too wide, but that's the fault of the way that user submitted that post; it is not a Forums bug. All the other posts look look good in IE.)

So, thank you very much, Jeff! (Hopefully this bug has now been finally slain for good, and won't come back again.)