Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to AOLserver 3.3.1 for Win32 release available in new-file-storage

I don't know how the sources for this particular version look like but the thing with win version is that you need to create a correct project files with correct dependencies, settings and stuff. At least that's what I had to do for AOLserver 4. It's not hard but tedious. Also many modules need small porting tweaks for win32. The most frequent thing I've encountered is that the entry function that each module needs to export in order for AOLServer to load the module at runtime must be exported. In Unix this works even if it's defined as int Ns_ModuleInit(char *server, char *module) while in order for it to work on windows it has to also use NS_EXPORT i.e. NS_EXPORT int Ns_ModuleInit(char *server, char *module). Same for Ns_ModuleVersion.

I just checked the sources for ad13 and e.g. nscache.c isn't "win friendly".

I fixed win portability problems for all the modules needed by acs and you can grab them from CVS at (project acs-misc). They have no other changes than portability fixes.

But that's only part of the story, I think. You would still need to create a proper project for each module. You can try to grab those from aolserver4-uh module (*.dsp files) but in order to use them straight you would have to follow a protocol of where the source files for the modules are (I think in my scheme all modules should be on the same level as main aolserver source tree). Or you can try to create them by yourself based on how the other modules look like (that's what I did for v4).