Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to AOLserver 3.3.1 for Win32 release available in new-file-storage

I decided to install OpenACS4 on my Windows 2000 box with an AOLserver 4 beta.  I was initially using Yon's UH release, but needed
to step through the AOLserver code at one point to figure out what was happening during form-based file upload.  So I checked out the source from the AOLserver repository and tediously modified the project files...

I didn't run into the NSEXPORT problem mentioned, but I am only loading a subset of the modules, and those are mostly from acs-misc.  I have managed to install OpenACS4, but it wasn't completely trivial.  There are line ending issues that I believe originate in AOLserver.  Rather than track them down properly I did the quick and dirty thing and hacked around the problems in the Tcl templating code.

I've been keeping somewhat exhaustive documentation on everything I've done so far.  My plan is to put the notes and patches up on my new OpenACS box with plenty of room for General Comments at the bottom.  That might not happen for another week or so, but I will be happy to email a preview version to anyone who would like them more immediately.