Forum OpenACS Development: Should "" resolve to "" using host_node_map?

I've put in a couple feature requests into the sdm for ACS
Subsites in regards to how the Request Processor handles the
host column in host_node_map.  They can be found here:


I've modified my OpenACS 4 installation to add these features
and can provide code upon request.

What do people think?  Should the Request Processor have
such a large degree of tolerance for acs subsite host names?

I haven't added it yet, but perhaps a note on /admin/host-node-
map/ page would be enough to outline what kind of matching the
Request Processor will do.

Oh yeah, should there be a parameter to turn this on or off for a


It is a good feature! I would propose also to remove the unique relation between an URL and a subsite, it is quite difficult to administer. it is easy that both and could point to otherwise we have to create a second mount point /bar_foo in the site map.
An alternative to dropping the unique host in host_node_map is
to use the site-map to mount a subsite package in more than
one place and have different entries in host_node_map for the
different mount points.  I'm doing this with one of my subsite
instances at the moment.

However, if you do it using the site-map the admin UI gets pretty
confusing because you have identical options listed for each
mount point of the subsite without differentiating between them.

Ultimately, what would be nice is to be able to have the same
subsite instance's structure and content be accessed from more
than one virtual domain and have it be aware of what virtual
domain the user is accessing and adjust navigation links and
style appopriately.  Might be a bit overboard for most cases, but it
would be handy for the site I'm working on.  Will see how far I

I was not clear enough to tell that I try it with 4 different names (,,, pointing to the same mount point /henry in the hierachy. not easy to administer but maybe unique.

Note that for the moment I switch to webDAV/apache, eventually apache would proxy aolserver.

I also found another problem when some restrictions were applied on subsite: the system would not display the password form! I didn't look why... Note that I made the test with ACS4.2.

Yes, there needs to much more flexibility in the mapping. There needs to be a many to one mapping ability.  For example:  map /amazon to,,,,,, etc.

I just switched over my site from ACS 3.x to 4.5 and it looks like I will have to go back because I cannot point both and to /snm.

Or consider to go forward to 4.6 where you _can_ map different host names to the same node. Or go into the datamodel and remove the unique constraint in the host_node_map table manually (packages/acs-subsite/sql/.../host-node-map-create.sql).