Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Another OpenACS hosting option

Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
Kenny, concerning your question about disk space:  I am going by what my clients do/have done.

One of my clients uses 120MB, but that is because I (God or root, what is difference?) pruned their install down and keep on top of their web logs ( I gzip them with gzip --best).

When you keep in mind their disk space as used by Postgres, which appears to be about 100MB (they have a lot of content), you get 220MB.

Add CVS usage, other stuff you might want to keep around, etc. (they do all their development elsewhere) and you can see that it easily gets to more than 200MB.  Oh yes, you want to create a backup or two of the Postgres DB if you are trying out new things.

Another client does do light development on the system (CVS) but does not have as much data in the db.  They do use the file-storage module.  Their disk usage is 140MB, plus a small db footprint of about 20MB.

If you are being careful, yes, you can have stuff under 200MB - by putting your other files somewhere else; but that doesn't give you much room to "move around" as it were.