Forum OpenACS Development: Response to How to make an object type searchable?

Eventhough keywords are not currently indexed by the search package, I have included that field in the datasource operation so that it would be easier to enhance the search package in future versions. I suggest that you use the ec_products keywords field in the ec product datasource anyway (and the functionality is going to be available in upcoming versions of the search package). I am going to make some improvements on the search package during xmas holidays (including keywords, object type, mime type and package-specific search).
Posted by Roger Metcalf on
Are these keywords that can be passed to the search package still not indexed?  What would be involved in making them so?  Is that OpenFTS work, or OpenACS work?  Thanks.
Posted by tammy m on
I don't know about the OpenFTS work involved but I can say that static-pages  don't have any keywords associated with them so there would likely be OpenACS work involved for most packages already implementing Search to provide keywords.