Forum OpenACS Q&A: Boston users' meeting update, Friday 3/11

We've got a room, light breakfast and a full schedule of presentations for Friday.

The presentation schedule is in the top post in this thread. All times are listed in Eastern.

When you arrive, come up to the 6th floor and look for a sign or a familiar face.

Bring money for lunch. At 12:30 we'll wander out to the Kendall Square food court for a quick bite.

If you're planning to join us remotely, we'll try to have someone logging to the #openacs IRC channel throughout the day, and will also attempt a webcast. The webcast URL will be

The stream is a Shoutcast mp3 stream. Winamp and Quicktime should work with it. I've also heard that something called "xine" works as well. The URL won't return anything until we start the webcast, to keep trying to connect if it doesn't work initially.

See you tomorrow!

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Here are my slides for 11:30 Eastern.