Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Will Dr. OpenACS survive? Or why I stopped worrying and learned to love the .LRN consortium?

Wow such a long thread, I don't follow OACS daily anymore these days. But how I wished I have followed this one and grabbed that dual Opteron, rather than I buying myself an a64 last week.

I think for one OACS is pretty good, although maybe getting too old and less sexy? For me I tried to look at other platforms, although not that actively. It seems I keep on ending up with OACS since the biggest factor not to use OACS is the learning curve. I have gotten over that and for me its a bit backwards to use other platforms. Still you have that thought at the back of your head, that other people are improving other platforms and maybe one day OACS has been left behind. There is also the intagibles of how great the community is, also the fact that I was able to make a few friends here. So I guess in general its a good community and hopefully the good software will improve over time.

I also see the trend that OACS is going away from the quick but dirty ways of ACS3, which is good since things are more structured, but bad since it puts higher learning curve for new developers and growing complexity of the system. I am not saying that OACS is hard, but its getting bigger and deeper. So for a developer that is progressing to understand OACS, there is more things to learn.

In case you guys decide to change the design for OACS site, just email me. I can still find a few of my designer friends to make another facelift of the design. I really think the design is way too old already, was it 2000... 2001? I think its too old.

Anyway just an opinion from the other side of the globe, nice post again here.