Forum OpenACS Q&A: Is there a central index to OpenACS extensions?

OK.  I've been reading Philip's stuff and feel sufficiently
indoctrinated into the open source philosophy that I am anxious to
delve deeper, especially related to OpenACS.  Given that I assume
there must be a repository of great add-ins that folks have developed
and are giving back to the community.  However I can't find anything
like that.  How do you (we) keep from reinventing the wheel?  BTW, I
have just about got my home PC to dual-boot linux, and will soon be
looking to download PostGreSQL, OpenAOL and of course OpenACS.  Rick
Rick, there isn't one yet. Although you can get a view of what is available by visiting CVS.

Soon enough, though, there will be such a repository available when the new OACS site goes live.

and welcome to our little cozy community.