Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to need help -- iptables, port forwarding, openacs/aolserver


I double checked my firewall rules and then implemented NARC anyway, just in case. I am pretty good with iptables...but I will try anything. Also, I didn't think it was my firewall because apache can serve pages through it. After NARC (nicely done, by the way, thanks!), it works the same openacs/aolserver nothing...apache OK.

I looked for the access log to see if aolserver is returning a request as you suggested and I have some questions. I used the RH7.1 RPMs to install my setup and I don't have logs where you suggested they would be. I can find a log titled /var/lib/aolserver/...defaultacs.log (the ... represent more path which I can't remember and I have the machine turned off) but this doesn't seem to have any access information. If this isn't the log you were refering to, how do I turn logging on?

In an unrelated question, how do I get aolserver to respond with its default aolserver page instead of the openacs stuff (in other words, I would like aolserver to behave like apache -- without loading all the openacs stuff)?

Anyway, you help is much appreciated but the problem must be somewhere else.


I have done the "set hostname" in the nsd.tcl file (is there somewhere else I have to set this?) and can access openacs internally by specifying but I still can't get connected specifying http://myexternalipaddress (which is my static IP address provided by the DSL provider AND I have port 80 forwarded to -- which works for apache).


How do I find out what hostname aolserver thinks it is responding to?