Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to MS Proxy Server and Caching Problem with OpenACS 4.2 Web Site

Two things:

  1. Robert--did you have luck with setting cache control headers in the master template?
  2. I've been thinking through this today and trying to setup our master template to take a "cache-control" property. So I read through the excellent cache tutorial at It would have three possible values:
    1. "none": No caching allowed, basically setting Pragma: no-cache, an Expires in the past, and Cache-control: no-cache
    2. "local": Allow local browser to cache. Cache-control: private, Pragma: no-cache
    3. "any": Caches can treat this page however they want. Sends last-modified header (see below).
    But where I'm sticking is how can I figure out what date to send with a last-modified header? When using the templating system ideally you would stat every file that the system uses to create a page, and save the latest mtime. Send that with the last-modified header. I don't know how to do that--seems like it would take some changes in the rp. Am I right? Suggestions?