Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What are your criteria for choosing hosting companies?

Hi Jerry,

Just like Rob said we use Globix.  Its one of the best co-location
providers.  Very good service, rates are like

But I think what you should look for is:

- If you can employ real guru administrators then go for
co-location.  As it is better since you can configure for your needs

- If you have no people to hire then go manage hosting... but ouch
they cost a lot especially for someone like me who is an ex-sys
admin who can somehow manage this stuff.

If you can hire people or have time and expertise in network
infrastructure then go for colocation.  I recommend above

Manage hosting we just use for this.  I have little
experience with others but hostcentric has been so far ok.

This are just my experience so I maybe wrong but stay away from, iAsiaworks, serverhosting.

In contracts look for this things:

- service level agreements (SLA).

- your way out incase they really suck.  You need a bailout

- read what is your responsibility and what your vendors
responsibilities.  You will be suprised what is written on the

I hope this helps.