Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to IMAP Aolserver module

Posted by John Sequeira on

I believe we've got some nomenclature issues in this discussion.  Dave W and I were talking about implementing different _front_ ends to be able to browse oACS data... not about changing the storage structure on the back end or bypassing the CR mapping.

Imagine double clicking a folder icon from within Ximian's Evolution and browsing file-storage data,  or mounting a WebDAV folder in Windows Explorer that links to the same data.

I misunderstood Vlad's original post and thought that this was possible,  but in hindsight my question didn't make sense.  Using an IMAP server to proxy file-storage data is probably not worth it and clearly not what Vlad intended.

In general,  I find getting to oACS data w/non-browser clients via RSS/WebDAV/NNTP/IMAP/Jabber/etc pretty intriguing,  and that motivated my wishful thinking.