Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 15 March 2005

A number of folks were unable to attend today. In attendance were Andrew, Caroline, Dave and Don.

The general consensus was that it'd be good to get branched, get a tarfile out into peoples' hands, and focus on the bugtracker. We need to get confirmation from Joel that we've met the necessary criteria, and the okay from Jeff since the timing affects future merging. What do you think, guys?

We're still in need of a test server. Setting up the software is the easy part. We need dedicated hardware to pound on.

We talked a little bit about changes that touch all pl(pg)sql and their consequences. 5.2 will feature the addition package_id to acs_objects. Andrew asked, will there be more and can we contain the pain? Don and Dave discussed additional changes involving parent_id but these will have to wait until 5.3.