Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Time for a name change?

Posted by S. Y. on
Personally, I enjoy Latin-related names, but it ultimately comes down to a decision by the OpenACS gatekeepers/junta to decide what the corporate identity slant of this open source project is to be.

Only when that decision is made will it be feasible to propose project names.

Patrick doesn't like the cutesy, Apple thing. Maybe someone else wants the no-nonsense German luxury auto (BMW 325i, Mercedes-Benz E320, Audio A6) thing. Maybe someone else wants the nonsensical stuff (e.g., Toyota Cressida - yes, let's name our product after one of the biggest bitches in Greek theater). That's fine, my vote doesn't count any more than anyone else's, and probably should count for less.

Pentium was a nice Latin-y name. It was so good that Intel decided that whatever the exorbitant amount that they paid to the branding consultants they were going to get their money's worth, hence: Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, and Pentium 4.