Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 22 Mar 2005

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Present: Malte, Don, Andrew, Joel, Dave, Jeff
  1. 5.2 Release. Stalled on getting a test server working again so we can meet the feature complete criteria. Joel will set up on angora, and then we will add remote test servers (Jeff's, Roc's, etc) as they become available.
  2. Repository issues. We approved Andrew's setting up Derek to create a yum repository on samoyed.
  3. Old business. Startup scripts, keepalive, and production mode switches should be researched and tipped for 5.3. Don will TIP parent_id and context_id changes for 5.3 or 6.
  4. OpenACS foundation. Jeff will follow up on Al's offer to provide a lawyer and make it happen.