Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Time for a name change?

Posted by carl garland on

Google currently reports 11,200 results for OpenACS and another 500+ in Google groups. After browsing through first few hundred I'm pretty sure that all these references are to our openacs. Any namechange that tries to migrate *completely* away from openacs would result in either starting at 0 results or getting mixed in with results from other meanings which add to the confusion. Also all development shops/ client sites that are currently promoting openacs would also maybe need to clarify or achieve client confusion. (Note- this does not impact me personally)

I think we need to step back and say what we are trying to obtain by the *name change*. In my opinion the goals are

  • Avoid confusion with AD product ACS and how they are not really same code bases.
  • Try to push out the new product and establish a brand.
These seem like reasonable goals and there probably are more legit reasons I am missing but like it or not OpenACS currently is a brand and normally most companies that have an existing brand and try to rebrand themselves usually get lots of flak unless they running away from the old brand for very valid reasons.

I think that just by officially renaming the "A" and by announcing a new product *Oaks or whatever* we obtain a large part of the two main goals...just my 0.01 but I do think its worth looking again at what are the real goals here and how are they *best* accomplished.