Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Time for a name change?

Posted by Gilbert Price on
I've been reading with interest the lively discussion about name changing. While I'm just a small guy who uses openACS as part of a larger corporate Intranet, I do have a couple observations.

The name "OpenACS" has always made it easy to find the site, for over a year before I actually committed to installing the application/architecture as part of the Intranet, I often devoured all the forum postings and then would go away for a few weeks or so. When something at work came up that I knew OpenACS would be the answer for, it wasn't a bookmark that I followed back, but the name in the open box of my browser.

One other observation, which name has more recognition: Navistar or International Harvester and which company built heavy machinery 😊?

Just a couple of pennies to muddle the waters a bit...