Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Forget about Apache support

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
Here's the thing:

Back in the day, the original ACS was the ultimate web site erector set. Nothing else came close for building rich web applications quickly. That's still true in some ways, but (from a marketing perspective) the message is muted because there are a lot more solutions out there that are at least adequate and use more standard (i.e., familiar) technologies.

Once again, if I'm understanding the situation correctly, sc2ws could change all of that with one stroke. If there's a platform out there that provides more than 20% of the erector set functionality that the OACS service contracts provide, I'm not aware of it. And by making that functionality automatically available through SOAP, OACS could essentially be run as a black box from the developer's perspective. They only need to know enough about the underlying technologies to keep OACS running.

sc2ws could by the flux capacitor for OACS and take us back to the future. It just seems so good that I feel like I must be missing something.

(And it's good to be back, Carl....)