Forum OpenACS Q&A: Examples of sites using auctions

Posted by Rick Cottle on
I am intrigued with the idea of having my site capable of being a little "e-bay" by implementing the auctioning features in the want ads modules.
  • Are there any examples of OACS or AD sites which are doing this?
  • Any known 'gotchas'
Posted by Roberto Mello on is a famous example. OpenACS 3.2.5 has auction built into the classified ads module. I don't think there is one for 4.x yet.

We are using the classified ads module (with 3.2.5) at . We're not using the auctions module because of political reasons.

Posted by Scott Mc Williams on
We used to have the auctions turned on at, but it's so weak that I disabled it. It's a good idea, but unless you have all the eBay features, it's not very useful. At least in the sites I've built.