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24: Response to Schedule (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, one word means that either you have a 100% hit or a 0% hit.  I think the results are returned by date (newest first) and this is an old thread so I'm not surprised it shows up half-way down.  I'm not sure you can expect any search engine to do any better unless we provide a "search question subjects and ignore responses" options, etc.

We've got some progress on the documentation front, especially in regard to outlining the tasks that are critical for a first release.  I haven't talked to Roberto yet about details but I've been insisting for some time that the biggest barrier to a beta release is the lack of good, integrated installation documentation and the like (various files uploaded to don't count).

We can now create HTML files from the original aD XML files (even I can do that following Roberto's instructions, which were based on aD's  original howto).  Vinod has provided us tempates for them which use our OpenACS logo rather than the aD logo.  Roberto's working through the documentation removing aD references from their .xml sources.

Etc etc etc.  Much has happened to make this last barrier look more like a speedbump and less like a roadblock.

But I'm not interested in providing more hand-waving dates until Roberto's ready to commit to some dates, which means getting a few more documentation volunteers.

We could use folks to help in simple ways, i.e. editing for English, spelling and other non-technical issues ...