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25: Response to Schedule (response to 1)
Posted by Michael Feldstein on
I have hesitated to volunteer for documentation because it
seemed to require technical expertise. If you need a copy-editor,
though, I can do some of that.

Regarding search, I don't think it's unreasonable for a search
package to consider the subject line and topic labels in addition
to words in body and dates in its relevance ranking, and I don't
(personally) think the inclusion of this should require a specific
choice or intervention on the part of the user.

Regarding the release, am I correct in understanding that
documentation is the main remaining hurdle, i.e., that you don't
expect any more major changes to the code beyond what's in the
current beta? That's really what I'm trying to find out, more than a
release date. I want to know when you think all non-cosmetic
and non-documentation changes for the first release are likely to
be completed or, at least, what non-cosmetic and
non-documentation changes still remain to be made.